Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gunungan At Acheh

People in Acheh told us one beautiful story. It is about love which is equivalent to Taj Mahal. The Sultan of Acheh got married to a Princess from Pahang (suprise huh!). Yes, it is true. We are somehow related to Acheh. However, The Princess missed Pahang so much so she asked her husband to build a small garden made from stone (white stone?) which resembles all the mountains in Pahang. The Princess would go there and play with her servants. She would wash her hair and get it dry up on top of the garden. We went through a small tunnel and reached on top of the stone mountains. This garden is called `GUNUNGAN'. Such a small monument of love yet very unique. It shows how love can be intrepreted in many ways. So dear hubby, would you build a castle for me? Made from `DAUN PISANG'? Please.....

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