Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rahsia 7 jari

Dari email from 

1. Cuba tengok jari anda. Genggam kuat2 & angkat ke atas sambil laung.."Allahu Akbar". Itulah Rukun Islam yang mesti dijunjung.

2. Straight kan jari ke depan dlm keadaan terbuka & Renung dalam-dalam. Itulah kewajipan solat lima waktu jangan kita abaikan.

3. Put ur hand on the table, perhatikan. Start dr jari kelinking yg kecil & kerdil, mcm manusia & apa benda pun akan start dr kecil then membesar & terus membesar. Itulah fitrah insan dan alam seluruhnya. Whatever we do semua start dari kecil. Kegagalan mendidik pd usia muda akan beri impact/kesan yg besar pd masa depan.

4. Then tgk jari kedua, jari manis. Mcm tu jugak la dgn usia remaja..semuanya sweet.. manis mcm jari manis. Ms remaja kita selalu di duga dgn cabaran & dugaan. Hanyan iman & takwa akan tunjukkan jalan kebenaran.

5. Jari ketiga jari yang paling tinggi, jari hantu ibarat alam dewasa kita. At 30's kita dah punya status & ekonomi & career yg stabil but kita kena careful sebab masa ni la banyak "hantu-hantu pengacau" yang datang menggoda. Hantu dengki, hantu ego, hantu tamak, hantu jealous dan macam2 hantu lagi. Kalau gagal kawal emosi khuatir kita masuk ke perangkap nafsu dan syaitan. So kita kena la lipat gandakan ibadat.

6. Jari telunjuk - Jari ni lah yg mengungkap satu dan Esanya Allah SWT ketika solat. Genggam kesemua jari kecuali telunjuk see how Gagahnya telunjuk sebagai penunjuk arah, jadi contoh & tauladan pada jari2 sblm ni. Mcm tu jugak dgn kita perlu jadi role model to the new generation.. jadi pembimbing yg kaya dgn idea bernas & a great mind.

7. Lastly renung la ibu jari.. besar/gemuk & pendek compare to the others but it shows kematangan & kehebatan yg membanggakan. Kalau ada ibu jari semua urusan lancar tapi bayangkan kalau takde ibu jari... nak gengam/pegang something cukup susah.. nak pegang sudu pun susah. To young generation, nak buat apa2 rujuk la kat org tua/berpengalaman. Kalau kita patuh pd petunjuk mereka, then boleh la kita say "good" or "yes" sambil thumbs up itulah rahsia kejayaan kita.

See all ur fingers and renung/fikir dalam2. Dimana anda sekarang..? 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Attending too many courses..saturated..



It started with me attending Seminar Pentadbiran Asrama at Kangar with fellows and JHEPA associates. Then I attended Kursus Kemahiran Fasilitator at MS Garden for 2 days early this week, then I and Ust Hilmi handled Bengkel Sekretariat RAKSI on Thursday, then today I attended Bengkel Penulisan Jurnal Sains Kemanusiaan. OMG! Feel so tired..feel so academician..I wish I can just go to the beach..Since my birthday, I have not visited TC. I miss the breeze and sound of the ocean. I am not a romatic freak, just tired with work. Yet, my mind is working day and night especially thinking of my promise to Dr Turiman. The book, my phd proposal, my promises to write and write. PM Dr Zain has somewhat adviced us to focus on our writing and publication. Enough of doing motivational talks. Can I really stop myself from doing all that? Need to discuss with KK3 associates and JPK KK3 to get things moving. Too many things on my mind..too little time..lately lack of energy..Must finish UHL3112 report for Ezi...

1. 28 Nov 8am-5pm (Khidmat Komuniti CENFED at Jabatan Kesihatan PEKAN) Interpersonal dan Intrapersonal - must prepare the slides

2. 28-30 Nov Bengkel Pemantapan RAKSI at Hotel Seri Malaysia - must really think on the tentative so that e will have a fruitful discussion

3. 3-4 Dis Bengkel Soft Skills at Pan Pacific KLIA (KPT invited me to give a talk - still waiting for their invitation letter)

4. 5-6 Dis International Conference at Legend, KL - need to prepare the slides for RAKSI presentation

5. 8 Dis Raya Haji

6. 10-11 Dis Korban at UMP - am participating 

7. 15-18 Dis - International Conference on Postgraduate Education at Penang, flying with Anita

8. 18 Dis night - Talk on Motivation and Counseling at Residence Inn, Cherating for PnP 4 UMP

9. 22-23 Dis - Lawrence Walter Training at Vistana

Those are the things I have to do which I believe most people have more things to do. Yet, the list grows bigger and I have not added all those meetings which I have to attend. Sometimes I receive last minute invitation for ceramah and all sorts of training which I love to do. 

Notice not even one event is about going out on a date. Why? because my heart is no longer into trusting love. I have decided to take it easy with love and marriage. My time has yet to arrive. Will I go for umrah with Anita in March? Only God knows... AJ? Gone with the wind. Why? I have decided to terminate all feelings. For the benefits of all. Tq Allah for this strength. I will be better and stronger to face all challenges. With Ust Hilmi leaving UMP for his doctorate, I have a lot of responsibilities to ensure all jobs are done. Ya Allah..tolonglah hambamu ini..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Writing and writing

What have I finished doing so far:

1. Tentative and memo to FASI RAKSI - urgent and important (Hotel Seri Malaysia, Kuantan 28-30 Nov 2008)

2. Memo on RAKSI attendance and failures

3. Reports and marks - hard copy to Raha (UHE3022) and Ezi (UHL3112, UHL3022) -DONE!

4. A bit disappointed with my UHL3112 student for lying to me. He said he sent to me the cd but he did not. He did not even come and see me. But when I read through a blog by one of our academic staff, I saw this student's face and body in their journey to somewhere whereas on that same date and time, he was supposed to come and see me and finish off his assignments. My advice to people outside there, LEAD BY EXAMPLE please. Tanggungjawab kita akan ditanya di akhirat nanti. If I am wrong here, Ya Allah forgive me. But lying to your lecturer can never bring u anywhere in life. It is about integrity. It is said, once a liar, forever a liar. He managed to get a C+ whereas he is well qualified for A-. Yet, I have done my job. Waited patiently for a cd, waited patiently for his kindness to come and see me and explain on his problems. Yes, I am not a famous leader because I am not close to students like some people but I want to be an effective leader by teaching them the right things. Usually the right things are not easy to carry out. 

5. I finished doing proposal, tentative and my biodata for New Horizon. May Allah help us with our collaboration and our rezeki.

6. Finished updating training info for CENFED and HR. Hope Unit Keselamatan will let me handle a training for them.

7. My name as the Pengetua for KK3 for a year has been announced. May Allah help me.

Off to Kangar tomorrow. I need a massage, please! Tak packing lagi ni! :-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Visit to UIA with JPPH, UMP on 14.03.08

It is always nice to travel with different groups of people instead of the same crowd again and again. I believe in making more friends and long distance journey usually will give us a new perspective on life and friendship. I went for a trip with people from JPPH on 14th March 2008 and I will never ever believe I would be going on trips with them due to respected job specs. We are so different in our field yet due to the interest of students, I have learnt on how to listen to new things and get more information in life. I am slowly climbing the stairs in order to know the principle in preparing residential college for the students. Another burden? No..yet another workload..a challenge but will continue learning and giving ideas as long as I am needed in JHEPA. We have a circle in life. We are needed today, we are thrown away tomorrow. Do not ever regret when we feel we are no longer needed in career, friendship, love and also life. That is the rule of being a human being. Be happy. Carpe Diem. Seize the Day.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mama's birthday_8 Nov 2008

This morning,as usual mama was sweeping and wiping the floor. Doing things that she loves most which are taking care of the house, making sure the house is clean for us and cookingggggggggggg. OMG...she loves cooking..most of my friends will surely have tasted her Laksa, Pajeri Nenas, Sambal Tumis, Acar Buah and Cucuq Badak. It was a big surprise for her this morning when at 9am, I gave her a box of Body Shop perfume, lipstick and lotion. She cried...alahai... so sad.. and suddenly she hugged me twice and said she herself has forgotten her birthday. Mama is 60 years old today. Still forever beautiful with a great body... :-) She prays and berzikir a lot.. of course for all her cucu who will take exam..and for get a kind and responsible husband.

Happy Birthday Mama..I love u..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dinner at MS Garden..I love Friday Wisdom

To Anita, my dearest friend and sister,
Tq for the opportunity. If not because of Friday Wisdom book, I will not be invited last night. Had a good time during dinner, lovely food although rude waitress. Nevertheless, my partner at the table was handsome and kind. So nice to make new friends at UMP. Old friends? Friends for eternal.

Congratulations to PBMSK for having so many books and publication..Hidup Cikgu Ghani!!!