Monday, May 26, 2008

This is especially dedicated to my lovely friend and sister..Anita

Regardless of what people say about me putting pictures of friends here, this is my blog and I love looking at my friends' pictures. Among the most lovely face that I admire would be Anita's. Not just that she is a lovely person externally, internally..phew! I wish more people would get the chance to know her. A mother of 3 kids, a loyal and devoted wife, this post is especially dedicated to her. Why? I have no idea..Maybe because soon she is leaving UMP and will be floating from UPM-UMP with her dreams in the doctorate world. I will list down reasons why Anita has a special place in my heart (I have to write this in English because this is speaking from the heart and I get emotional easily):

1. Emotional Intelligence has greatly influenced the three of us, including Aini. Somehow, the title has managed to put us through difficult times especially in meeting the datelines for seminars and proceeding papers submission. EI has created wonders in Anita and I especially during UHS2011 workshop. We work together as a team and not even once I see Anita's face looked troubled and hear her complaining about our team working despite of my busy and tight schedule with Soft Skills. I silently am thankful of having her as my partner for EI and we designed one of the most interesting game and activity for the students. Anita easily gave in to me regarding the schedule and I am hopeless without her for this topic. Anita..tq..

2. Friday Wisdom was created by Anita and personally, I have jumped into this new world..and love every minute in delivering my small knowledge to the audience. We started by having 5-10 students and the parting moment has been a great number of students attending this event. Students are looking forward for more interesting topics and I hear students wanting to join as speakers. This is among the strongest event in UMP for women's development. With small support from certain people yet great care from PIPI, I will 100% ensure this event will be carried out with more professional attention from the top management. Anita has opened up my eyes and heart to the beauty of Islam especially on how to help our female Muslim students in realizing how important it is for them to a true Muslimah in order to be a team member of Heaven. Topics for Friday Wisdom will definitely become better and I can't wait for our Friday Wisdom Book to be published. Yes! Girl power!

4. Anita has been one of my strongest back bone when I was facing the ups and downs of Soft Skills in UMP. Her words of encouragement and strong values have managed in making me a better person. Others are surely involved in developing my values and strength too but Anita..she was there when I needed her (oh!oh! I have tears now). We were together in so many events, my secrets, her secrets, my worries are her worries too, her happiness is my happiness too. I am sure she will remain loyal to her friends the way she is, has been to me. Anita, remember our DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES moments..traveling to have yet to go to overseas together..we will, insyallah..we will..I promise u, sis....

I am out of words on how grateful I am with this friendship. You are still in front of my eyes but I know, soon we have to be on separate ways in achieving our dreams. People can laugh on by saying I am carried away with how I feel about friends, but the truth..everybody feels the same way. The older you are, the harder it is for us to find sincerity in a friendship. May Allah swt be with us in taking care of this ukhwah.. We might not see each other often, might not even send sms frequently or talk on the phone even less..but to my dear Anita, you have definitely proven to me that the beauty we see every day in you carries more beauty in your heart. Be strong for your PHD (pandainya nasihatkan org!). You have my doa...Doa for me please.......I will write more about other friends....those who remain special in my heart...Amin..

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Raha said...

My dear neighbour? Indeed she is s very strong lady!:) Best wishes in your PhD journey Anita, will follow ur foot steps soon, InsyaAllah