Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hotel MAYA, KL..once upon a time in my life..

If you are looking for a sweet and nice time in a hotel room..just to be focus on solitary, to sit back and enjoy the view..Hotel Maya has it.. :-) They are not paying me to do is just that I have stayed there 3 times and I would like to go there again..regardless of the location. It is just opposite KLCC and next to British Council. Some good times happened there..with friends from UMP and with.. ehem ehem :-) just to add some mystery spice. I know things will never be repeated, am not expecting so, love comes and goes as the wind...I don't want to have any more more love, no more dependency.. :-) again Haslinda could just be saying it on this blog! Hotel Maya remains as a memory which can never be repeated..I doubt the feeling of love is there anymore.. :-)

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