Sunday, June 8, 2008

How important it is for you to keep in touch with friends?

I have always wondered..Have I done anything wrong or have I been over excited in keeping old and new friendships going on? Life is simple as it is..but people tend to use time constraints as reasons not to be able to keep in touch. I think I put too much effort..maybe I do..and by reading sms from friends, they have given me hints that they are busy and will not be able to say `hi'. I write, I write, I write, I write...I help, I help, I help..I speak..I speak..I speak...I entertain friends...I laugh at their jokes..I listen to their sorrow...
I make an effort to make friends happy and satisfied..Do all I could to make people happy..Nevertheless, Allah swt has promised us that life is about dealing with problems, miscommunication, mistreatment and other obstacles so that we will remember the beauty of having Allah swt inside our heart.

Definitely this post has a sad tone..well.. I am merely a human being..And everybody goes through this phase of loneliness..


Anonymous said...

bakpo pulak sedih ni... pasal minyak naik harga ko?

Kakcik_Hashim said...

Dear anonymous..Allah..sedih yang mcm gitu2...biasalah..geletek2..happy la balik hahahah