Friday, November 21, 2008

Attending too many courses..saturated..



It started with me attending Seminar Pentadbiran Asrama at Kangar with fellows and JHEPA associates. Then I attended Kursus Kemahiran Fasilitator at MS Garden for 2 days early this week, then I and Ust Hilmi handled Bengkel Sekretariat RAKSI on Thursday, then today I attended Bengkel Penulisan Jurnal Sains Kemanusiaan. OMG! Feel so tired..feel so academician..I wish I can just go to the beach..Since my birthday, I have not visited TC. I miss the breeze and sound of the ocean. I am not a romatic freak, just tired with work. Yet, my mind is working day and night especially thinking of my promise to Dr Turiman. The book, my phd proposal, my promises to write and write. PM Dr Zain has somewhat adviced us to focus on our writing and publication. Enough of doing motivational talks. Can I really stop myself from doing all that? Need to discuss with KK3 associates and JPK KK3 to get things moving. Too many things on my mind..too little time..lately lack of energy..Must finish UHL3112 report for Ezi...

1. 28 Nov 8am-5pm (Khidmat Komuniti CENFED at Jabatan Kesihatan PEKAN) Interpersonal dan Intrapersonal - must prepare the slides

2. 28-30 Nov Bengkel Pemantapan RAKSI at Hotel Seri Malaysia - must really think on the tentative so that e will have a fruitful discussion

3. 3-4 Dis Bengkel Soft Skills at Pan Pacific KLIA (KPT invited me to give a talk - still waiting for their invitation letter)

4. 5-6 Dis International Conference at Legend, KL - need to prepare the slides for RAKSI presentation

5. 8 Dis Raya Haji

6. 10-11 Dis Korban at UMP - am participating 

7. 15-18 Dis - International Conference on Postgraduate Education at Penang, flying with Anita

8. 18 Dis night - Talk on Motivation and Counseling at Residence Inn, Cherating for PnP 4 UMP

9. 22-23 Dis - Lawrence Walter Training at Vistana

Those are the things I have to do which I believe most people have more things to do. Yet, the list grows bigger and I have not added all those meetings which I have to attend. Sometimes I receive last minute invitation for ceramah and all sorts of training which I love to do. 

Notice not even one event is about going out on a date. Why? because my heart is no longer into trusting love. I have decided to take it easy with love and marriage. My time has yet to arrive. Will I go for umrah with Anita in March? Only God knows... AJ? Gone with the wind. Why? I have decided to terminate all feelings. For the benefits of all. Tq Allah for this strength. I will be better and stronger to face all challenges. With Ust Hilmi leaving UMP for his doctorate, I have a lot of responsibilities to ensure all jobs are done. Ya Allah..tolonglah hambamu ini..

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Red Scoot said...

Has, such a hectic life u hve here. Dun think I cud cope if i were you. Anyway, I know u enjoyed every moments of it....well done my fren! U make me proud, girl!