Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Writing and writing

What have I finished doing so far:

1. Tentative and memo to FASI RAKSI - urgent and important (Hotel Seri Malaysia, Kuantan 28-30 Nov 2008)

2. Memo on RAKSI attendance and failures

3. Reports and marks - hard copy to Raha (UHE3022) and Ezi (UHL3112, UHL3022) -DONE!

4. A bit disappointed with my UHL3112 student for lying to me. He said he sent to me the cd but he did not. He did not even come and see me. But when I read through a blog by one of our academic staff, I saw this student's face and body in their journey to somewhere whereas on that same date and time, he was supposed to come and see me and finish off his assignments. My advice to people outside there, LEAD BY EXAMPLE please. Tanggungjawab kita akan ditanya di akhirat nanti. If I am wrong here, Ya Allah forgive me. But lying to your lecturer can never bring u anywhere in life. It is about integrity. It is said, once a liar, forever a liar. He managed to get a C+ whereas he is well qualified for A-. Yet, I have done my job. Waited patiently for a cd, waited patiently for his kindness to come and see me and explain on his problems. Yes, I am not a famous leader because I am not close to students like some people but I want to be an effective leader by teaching them the right things. Usually the right things are not easy to carry out. 

5. I finished doing proposal, tentative and my biodata for New Horizon. May Allah help us with our collaboration and our rezeki.

6. Finished updating training info for CENFED and HR. Hope Unit Keselamatan will let me handle a training for them.

7. My name as the Pengetua for KK3 for a year has been announced. May Allah help me.

Off to Kangar tomorrow. I need a massage, please! Tak packing lagi ni! :-)

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