Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mama's birthday_8 Nov 2008

This morning,as usual mama was sweeping and wiping the floor. Doing things that she loves most which are taking care of the house, making sure the house is clean for us and cookingggggggggggg. OMG...she loves cooking..most of my friends will surely have tasted her Laksa, Pajeri Nenas, Sambal Tumis, Acar Buah and Cucuq Badak. It was a big surprise for her this morning when at 9am, I gave her a box of Body Shop perfume, lipstick and lotion. She cried...alahai... so sad.. and suddenly she hugged me twice and said she herself has forgotten her birthday. Mama is 60 years old today. Still forever beautiful with a great body... :-) She prays and berzikir a lot.. of course for all her cucu who will take exam..and for get a kind and responsible husband.

Happy Birthday Mama..I love u..

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