Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A tribute to Beloved Mak Yong_Zizah's loving and beautiful mom

To my dear Zizah,

I know how much you miss your mom. My heart bleeds too when I see these pictures. All those wonderful moments remembering your mother's laughter and smiles. Her jokes never failed to make me smile and partly the reason why I try my best to visit your family as frequent as I could. The fact that I managed to be a small part of your family since childhood has been an honour to me. You must be very proud to have a kind and loving mother like Mak Yong. Nobody could ever take her place but do believe, she is now happy with those near to Allah swt due to her kindness and her sacrifice for her family. Be strong my friend. Love is just a loan to us. All the things in this world, all materials, all love, all creatures are meant to be here, non permanent. Pray hard, solat and always be kind. Remember the 3 things that will help us when we die and kind children is one of them. Be strong and stay strong. Your family needs you more than ever.

Mak Yong remains in my heart..a special place in my heart eternally...

Forever we remain friends

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