Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will Distance Deter Love?

Today I am not going to cut and paste articles from somewhere. Today I would like to write something from the heart. Today I want to feel good while writing on the idea of starting a new friendship which can lead to a relationship. Why is it that human being try their best to resist love? Push away love? Are we not strong enough to face love in our life? I, personally, seriously, frankly, sincerely am scared of reaching out for love. I would rather be close friends to so many people instead of falling in love. Why? I don't want to go through heartbreak moments anymore. But when my heart falls, it really falls. I get weak all over. My heart trembles..My heartbeat stops! I wish life is simple. I wish life at my age is simple. It is not simple yet it is a challenge to seek for a true love. Will I get this chance again? Now? Will the distance be a problem to us? Ya Allah..dengarkanlah rintihan hati kami ini....

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