Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lunch date with KK3 Staff at Johnny's Restaurant. East Coast Mall

I was impressed with new KK3 office at UMP. The people did a good job in decorating and organizing the place. My room is almost up to my greatest happiness (lacking only file cabinet) and the girls put up a big clock and Allah Muhammad frames on the wall. My lunch treat for them is just a small way for me to say my gratitude to my people at KK3. Noora, Aishah, Zura and Khairul (although he couldn't make it that day). By the time I quit from being their boss, I hope the next boss will appreciate them as much as I can see their potential in working at UMP. May Allah swt be with us, membuka pintu rezeki kita di KK3 khasnya. Tq people for making my life meaningful as KK3 Principal.

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