Thursday, January 8, 2009

Majlis Jamuan Program iSIna 2008 - Kompleks Anjung Rahmat, Gombak

I joined this program by allowing myself to sponsor a child which was RM540. Hafizoah decided to join the program and thanks to Lizah, the organizer of the program for inviting us to participate in such a noble program. This program will help children aged 6-15 who have yet to capture the ability to read. They will go through 6 weeks of intensive Reading skills program and alhamdulillah, 80% managed to read well after 6 weeks. Thanks to Han who drove us there. i wouldn't be able to find the place. Tq Han..u r such a dear sis to me. I spend 3 days, 2 nights at Han's cozy house. The hospitality is so and more food...not forgetting ..sleep..sleep..sleep.. hahaha :-) I hope I can contribute more to this kind of program. It felt good to be there with lizah and the crowd. Although the 3 of us did not do much, we were there and we felt good. Clapping hands while the children took their presents. And knowing my child `Tengku Putra' who does not know me, yet he is now getting better in his reading skills, I feel good. May Allah give him the chance to be a good and faithful person. Tq god for the money you gave is a reward for those who neet it more than I do. Hope I have more next year in order to help more children...insyallah..Amin...

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