Monday, October 13, 2008

Alone in the office..

It is 730pm..I am still in the office..struggling to translate a proceeding paper to be presented in ICOSE08 at Legend Hotel, KL 5-6 Dec 2008. It is raining heavily...With a cup of RADIX and a cup of Quaker Oats..that would definitely be my dinner. I plan to go back around 10pm. I have almost 12 pages more to go..OMG! It is due 15th Oct, if I don't focus now, then I can never finish this. Shamsuri told me to watch Cockpit view landing..while waiting for my momentum to write again, I am watching this great video..EARLY MORNING LANDING AT HEATHROW ( OMG! So I remember my journey to Hawaii..Korea..Jeddah..Sabah..Sarawak..Remembering all memories with Kak Tym in Hawaii..we had fun kak! Best! Best! Best! But I don't think I will ever go to Hawaii again. I aim to go to Mekah again and maybe Turki..honeymoon in Mekah???? What a great idea..but with who? hahahahhah

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