Friday, October 31, 2008

Last day of October

October is coming to the end and tomorrow we will see November in our life. What have we reached so far in 2008? Have we accomplished what we desire in 2008? What about our aims and ambitions in 2008? I have gained so much in 2008. Went abroad to Hawaii and Korea, did my umrah, went to Mecca and Medina, Jeddah, travel with mama - went to Kuching, wrote a few papers with good friends, bersedekah, will go for conferences in KL, Kangar, Penang, went all over for ceramah, make new friends, rekindle with old friends, fall in love, fall out of love, yet I always feel the emptiness of not getting them all. Marriage, writing my own books, starting on my PHD, learning Bahasa Arab, lose more weight, aggressive cooking, improve my communication, time management, documentation, my writing skills, so many things I have yet to achieve. Where did I go wrong? Did I aim too much? Should I not be grateful with life? My parents and grandmother are still ok, alhamdulillah, my siblings, nieces and nephews, friends are all doing ok. I should not complain. Some of my students have become successful people. Then why do I feel this strange loneliness in my life? Allah has the answer. I hardly know where should I go or where do I start to get rid of this lonely feeling. Anybody has any answer? November is saying hi...

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