Monday, October 13, 2008

I love you..

Yes..I told him that..but I was not surprised when he did not say the same thing back to me..many questions were answered..good enough for me..As for now, I will rest this case till..I don't know..the uncertainty comes from him..not me..guess I am not good enough for him? He is not good enough for me? For those people outside there who have loved ones as their life grateful.. You are among the chosen will never be easy..has never been not easy at find love, to be with the one we love..As for me..I'll let Allah decide..I told him what I had to say, he asked for more time..well..time will never bring us back to our youth..we are losing precious moments of our life every day..I know our direction could meet or could fall apart..Yet, I have taken the risk when I told him..I love of the greatest moment is when Allah gives us the chance to love and to be loved. Am I loved? The question remains a mystery...

One of my most romantic and relaxing birthday celebration..good food..good companion..loving and caring..
He is a sweet and soft person..interesting topics during our communication..The way other human being treat us definitely change our perception in life..There are kind people outside kind..yet not mine.. :-)

I just want to be hugged and listen to kind words..that life is fair..
it is ok Has..

`I will never leave you alone'

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