Monday, October 13, 2008

My schedule..

1. I have hundreds of assignments to mark..UHL3112, UHE3022, cd's on Drama will come in by this Friday afternoon.
2. Friday morning I will attend a Motivational Program at Sek Keb Batu 3, RAKSI last activity.
3. There is one talk due this Saturday at SMART, Kuantan..entitled `Work Ethics' which I have not started doing the slides.
4. I am still trying to finish the translation and editing of my RAKSI paper with Zahim.
5. Next week 21-24th Oct I'll be in KL -Quality Hotel. I signed up to become a participant for EQ at workplace. Shamsuri keeps commenting on the fact that I like this kind of courses..I just do..just the way u love aviation my friend.
6. I have another seminar in KL 2-4 Nov 08. I think by that time I should have finished all marking and done with all the key in marks process. I have not started on that yet too...I am a participant to learn more..I am a speaker and trainer because I want to deliver more..I have so many activities on my mind to be carried out for my talks and training..We will see how it goes...
7. JPK KK3 needs my help too..Need to polish the girls, motivate them more on handling activities at the residential college...
8. I forgot..I am handling a course at UMP - Effective PR under our HR 28-29 Oct 2008.

But all in all..this is my worries..I get up early morning..I pray..I recite Quran, I pray and doa to Allah to give me a good life..more money so that I can give more to others, either material wise or to travel and deliver knowledge..I wish I have more time to help my society, I miss going to POLISAS and all Felda's...

I pray for my phd, I pray for good health, I pray Allah to give me strength to go on with fasting, to lose some weight in order to prepare for my next umrah and haj..insyallah...

I pray mama and abah are in a good condition..healthy as ever..Tok to stay healthy..Ja, Wan and their studies and family, Kak Long, Bang Long and SABASUN and family...I miss the children..Dik Di to start on his study soon, to get a better job...I want to be with them, to assist them whenever they need me..

But I only need one person to be with me.. ONLY ONE...ONLY I sound pathetic or what? hehehe :-0

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